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Volume 11, Issue 14, 13 December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 14

13 December 2017

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    • Two-level game algorithm for multi-microgrid in electricity market
      Virtual storage capacity using demand response management to overcome intermittency of solar PV generation
      Stochastic multi-objective framework for optimal dynamic planning of interconnected microgrids
      Optimisation of grid connected hybrid photovoltaic–wind–battery system using model predictive control design
      Design methodology of a passive damped modified LCL filter for leakage current reduction in grid-connected transformerless three-phase PV inverters
      Efficient SPF approach based on regression and correction models for active distribution systems
      Chance-constrained programming for day-ahead scheduling of variable wind power amongst conventional generation mix and energy storage
      Evaluation index system for photovoltaic systems statistical characteristics under hazy weather conditions in central China
      Optimal sizing method of vanadium redox flow battery to provide load frequency control in power systems with intermittent renewable generation
      Stochastic security and risk-constrained scheduling for an autonomous microgrid with demand response and renewable energy resources
      Multilevel inverter for interfacing renewable energy sources with low/medium- and high-voltage grids
      Adaptive predictive control of a small capacity SMES unit for improved frequency control of a wind-diesel power system
    • Case study on the effectiveness of gear fault diagnosis technique for gear tooth defects under fluctuating speed

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