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Volume 11, Issue 13, 15 November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 13

15 November 2017

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    • Review and comparative analysis of vortex generation systems for sustainable electric power production
    • Sizing of large-scale battery storage for off-grid wind power plant considering a flexible wind supply–demand balance
      Accurate active islanding detection method for grid-tied inverters in distributed generation
      Assessing hydropower operational profitability considering energy and reserve markets
      Effective prediction model for Hungarian small-scale solar power output
      Performance evaluation of floating solar chimney power plant in Iran: estimation of technology progression and cost investigation
      Dynamic reactive power optimal allocation to decrease wind power curtailment in a large-scale wind power integration area
      Multiobjective capacity planning of photovoltaics in smart electrical energy networks: improved normal boundary intersection method
      Application of echo state networks for estimating voltage harmonic waveforms in power systems considering a photovoltaic system
      Path toward 100% renewable energy future and feasibility of power-to-gas technology in Nordic countries
      Fault detection of HVDC cable in multi-terminal offshore wind farms using transient sheath voltage
      Self-tuning fuzzy-PI-based current control algorithm for doubly fed induction generator
      Demand response-based enhanced LRIC pricing framework

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