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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 11, Issue 12, 18 October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 12

18 October 2017

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    • Asymmetric arc-shaped vortex-induced electromagnetic generator for harvesting energy from low-velocity flowing water
      Zone partitioning protection strategy for DC systems incorporating offshore wind farm
      Optimisation of controller parameters for grid-tied photovoltaic system at faulty network using artificial neural network-based cuckoo search algorithm
      Robust optimisation for deciding on real-time flexibility of storage-integrated photovoltaic units controlled by intelligent software agents
      Evaluation of different inertial control methods for variable-speed wind turbines simulated by fatigue, aerodynamic, structures and turbulence (FAST)
      Performance and economic analysis of a 27 kW grid-connected photovoltaic system in Suriname
      Planning a decentralised and bi-directional market-based management system
      Simultaneous fault detection algorithm for grid-connected photovoltaic plants
      Real-time implementation of three-phase single-stage SPV grid-tied system using TL-VSC
      Formulation and evaluation of long-term allocation problem for renewable distributed generations
      Numeric optimal sensor configuration solutions for wind turbine gearbox based on structure analysis
      Model-driven real-time control coordination for distribution grids with medium-scale photovoltaic generation

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