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Volume 11, Issue 11, 13 September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 11

13 September 2017

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    • Torque ripple reduction of DFIG by a new and robust predictive torque control method
      Model predictive control for parallel three-level T-type grid-connected inverters in renewable power generations
      Analysis of inverter sizing ratio for PV systems considering local climate data in central Brazil
      Islanding detection technique based on superimposed components of voltage
      Performance analysis of proportional resonant and ADALINE-based solar photovoltaic-integrated unified active power filter
      Evaluating the effectiveness of a machine learning approach based on response time and reliability for islanding detection of distributed generation
      Efficient maximum power point tracking using model predictive control for photovoltaic systems under dynamic weather condition
      Handshaking V2G strategy for grid connected PV assisted charging station
      Diagnosis of non-linear mixed multiple faults based on underdetermined blind source separation for wind turbine gearbox: simulation, testbed and realistic scenarios
      One-day ahead wind speed/power prediction based on polynomial autoregressive model
      Optimisation of hybrid renewable energy system using iterative filter selection approach
      Robust optimisation approach for bidding strategy of renewable generation-based microgrid under demand side management
      Optimal fixed reconfiguration scheme for PV arrays power enhancement under mutual shading conditions
      Slide mode control of microgrid using small hydro driven single-phase SEIG integrated with solar PV array
      Comparative study on Lyapunov-function-based control schemes for single-phase grid-connected voltage-source inverter with LCL filter
      Simple four-quadrant grid-tie control scheme with unity power factor rectifier mode for single-phase DC/AC converters

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