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Volume 10, Issue 9, October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 9

October 2016

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    • Evaluation of anti-islanding techniques for renewable energy powered distributed generators using analytic network process
      Minimum-features-based ANN-PSO approach for islanding detection in distribution system
      Overall power control strategy for small-scale WECS incorporating flux weakening operation
      Dynamic state estimation of a permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind turbine
      Geoprocessing model for identifying potential wind farm locations
      Coordinated design of fuzzy-based speed controller and auxiliary controllers in a variable speed wind turbine to enhance frequency control
      Geometric maximum power point tracking and sliding mode control of a bidirectional grid connected single phase two-stage photovoltaic system with DC loads
      DC-side fault detection for photovoltaic energy conversion system using fractional-order dynamic-error-based fuzzy Petri net integrated with intelligent meters
      Optimal power scheduling of renewable energy systems in microgrids using distributed energy storage system
      Simplified accelerated particle swarm optimisation algorithm for efficient maximum power point tracking in partially shaded photovoltaic systems
      Decentralised conic optimisation of reactive power considering uncertainty of renewable energy sources
      Improved V/f control strategy for microgrids based on master–slave control mode
      Improved inertial control for permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbine generators
      Coordinated dispatch of networked energy storage systems for loading management in active distribution networks
      Experimental investigation of a multifunctional grid interactive photovoltaic system operating in partial shading conditions
      Frequency support using multi-terminal HVDC systems based on DC voltage manipulation
      Dual-mode flyback inverters in grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      Influence of optimal government subsidies for renewable energy enterprises
      Joint optimal allocation methodology for renewable distributed generation and energy storage for economic benefits
      Magnetic equivalent circuit modelling of doubly-fed induction generator with assessment of rotor inter-turn short-circuit fault indices
      Active yaw control in a horizontal axis wind system without requiring wind direction measurement
      Combination of moment-matching, Cholesky and clustering methods to approximate discrete probability distribution of multiple wind farms

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