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Volume 10, Issue 8, September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 8

September 2016

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    • Optimum distribution network operation considering distributed generation mode of operations and safety margin
      Modelling the operation strategies of storages and hydro resources in adequacy analysis of power systems in presence of wind farms
      Fuzzy-PI-based sensorless frequency and voltage controller for doubly fed induction generator connected to a DC microgrid
      Phase angle calculation dynamics of type-4 wind turbines in rms simulations during severe voltage dips
      Self-powered autonomous underwater vehicles: results from a gyroscopic energy scavenging prototype
      Maximising power yield in a transformerless single-phase grid connected inverter servicing two separate photovoltaic panels
      Adaptive noise cancellation based harmonic elimination in grid integrated photovoltaic system
      Optimal allocation of battery energy storage systems in distribution networks with high wind power penetration
      Improved fault ride through strategy for doubly fed induction generator based wind turbines under both symmetrical and asymmetrical grid faults
      Utilisation of real-scale renewable energy test facility for validation of generic wind turbine and wind power plant controller models
      Price-based power management of off-grid photovoltaic systems with centralised dc bus
      Dynamic analysis and modelling of a Francis hydro-energy generation system in the load rejection transient
      Evaluation of technical and financial benefits of battery-based energy storage systems in distribution networks
      AGC of dish-Stirling solar thermal integrated thermal system with biogeography based optimised three degree of freedom PID controller
      Enhancement of transient stability of distribution system with SCIG and DFIG based wind farms using STATCOM
      Single-phase synchronverter for a grid-connected roof top photovoltaic system
      Modelling, analysis and control design of a two-stage photovoltaic generation system
      Study of the operation characteristics of a point absorbing direct driven permanent magnet linear generator deployed in the Baltic Sea
      Enhancing DFIG wind turbine during three-phase fault using parallel interleaved converters and dynamic resistor
      Proportional–integral–derivative parameter optimisation of blade pitch controller in wind turbines by a new intelligent genetic algorithm
      Megawatt-scale solar variability study: an experience from a 1.2 MWp photovoltaic system in Australia over three years
      Global energy management system for cooperative networked residential green buildings

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