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Volume 10, Issue 7, August 2016

Volume 10, Issue 7

August 2016

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    • Integration of renewable distributed generators into the distribution system: a review
      Wind speed and solar irradiance forecasting techniques for enhanced renewable energy integration with the grid: a review
    • Modified particle swarm optimisation-based maximum power point tracking controller for single-stage utility-scale photovoltaic system with reactive power injection capability
      Maximum power point tracking control method for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
      Generation, performance evaluation and control design of single-phase differential-mode buck–boost current-source inverters
      Dual reference phase shifted pulse width modulation technique for a N-level inverter based grid connected solar photovoltaic system
      Stochastic security-constrained economic dispatch for random responsive price-elastic load and wind power
      Probabilistic method for the operation of three-phase unbalanced active distribution networks
      Gas assisted doubly fed induction generator with ramp rate controller
      Sizing and performance analysis of standalone wind-photovoltaic based hybrid energy system using ant colony optimisation
      Efficient power sharing approach for photovoltaic generation based microgrids
      Improved differential evolution-based Elman neural network controller for squirrel-cage induction generator system
      Islanding detection technique based on inverse hyperbolic secant function
      Artificial neural network-based modelling of compensated multi-crystalline solar-grade silicon under wide temperature variations
      Performance of photovoltaic cells in photovoltaic thermal (PVT) modules
      Overcurrent estimation in a doubly-fed induction generator-DC system during a voltage dip in the dc grid
      Steady-state and small-signal models of a three-phase quasi-Z-source AC–DC converter for wind applications

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