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Volume 10, Issue 6, July 2016

Volume 10, Issue 6

July 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      DC fault protection structures at a DC-link node in a radial multi-terminal high-voltage direct current system
      Multi-terminal HVDC grids with inertia mimicry capability
      Reliability evaluation of voltage-source converter-based multi-terminal direct current integrated offshore wind plants
      Power flow and transmission loss analysis of modular multi-level converter based multi-terminal high-voltage DC systems
      Operating area for modular multilevel converter based high-voltage direct current systems
      Selection methods of main circuit parameters for modular multilevel converters
      Common-mode voltage injection-based nearest level modulation with loss reduction for modular multilevel converters
      Robust droop control of DC distribution networks
      Coordination of DC power flow controllers and AC/DC converters on optimising the delivery of wind power
      Application of modular multilevel converter in medium voltage high power permanent magnet synchronous generator wind energy conversion systems
      High-power bidirectional resonant DC–DC converter with equivalent switching frequency doubler
      Improved variable speed control of series-connected DC wind turbines for offshore wind power collection to high-voltage direct current system
      Failure analysis and maintenance of a surge capacitor on the neutral bus in a ±500 kV HVDC converter station
      Advanced unified decentralised control method with voltage restoration for DC microgrids

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