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Volume 10, Issue 5, May 2016

Volume 10, Issue 5

May 2016

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    • Research on power sharing strategy of hybrid energy storage system in photovoltaic power station based on multi-objective optimisation
      Stability assessment for transmission systems with large utility-scale photovoltaic units
      Fast adaptive back-stepping terminal sliding mode power control for both the rotor-side as well as grid-side converter of the doubly fed induction generator-based wind farms
      Dual surface sliding mode controller for photovoltaic systems enhanced by a ripple domain search maximum power point tracking algorithm for fast changing environmental conditions
      Short-term operational planning framework for virtual power plants with high renewable penetrations
      Robust generation maintenance scheduling considering wind power and forced outages
      Optimal sizing of grid integrated hybrid PV-biomass energy system using artificial bee colony algorithm
      Medium-voltage DC/DC converter for offshore wind collection grid
      Applying thermophysics for wind turbine drivetrain fault diagnosis using SCADA data
      Solution to short-term frequency response of wind farms by using energy storage systems
      Comparison of power electronics lifetime between vertical- and horizontal-axis wind turbines
      Individual pitch controller based on fuzzy logic control for wind turbine load mitigation
      Optimisation for offshore wind farm cable connection layout using adaptive particle swarm optimisation minimum spanning tree method
      Decentralised voltage balancing in bipolar dc microgrids equipped with trans-z-source interlinking converter
      Very long distance connection of gigawatt-size offshore wind farms: extra high-voltage AC versus high-voltage DC cost comparison
      Sensorless control of a power converter for a cluster of small wind turbines
      Maximising revenue via optimal control of a concentrating solar thermal power plant with limited storage capacity

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