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Volume 10, Issue 4, April 2016

Volume 10, Issue 4

April 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Potential for further reduction in the embodied carbon in PV solar energy systems
      Inference of missing data in photovoltaic monitoring datasets
      Conjugate refractive–reflective homogeniser in a 500× Cassegrain concentrator: design and limits
      Probabilistic analysis of solar photovoltaic self-consumption using Bayesian network models
      Solar PV yield and electricity generation in the UK
      Assessing the impacts of photovoltaic penetration across an entire low-voltage distribution network containing 1.5 million customers
      Assessment of potential for photovoltaic roof installations by extraction of roof tilt from light detection and ranging data and aggregation to census geography
    • Solar photovoltaic array fed water pump driven by brushless DC motor using Landsman converter
      Harmonic impact of high penetration photovoltaic system on unbalanced distribution networks – learning from an urban photovoltaic network
      DSTATCOM supported induction generator for improving power quality
      Power control flexibilities for grid-connected multi-functional photovoltaic inverters
      Sensorless model predictive control scheme of wind-driven doubly fed induction generator in dc microgrid
      Comparison between the particle swarm optimisation and differential evolution approaches for the optimal proportional–integral controllers design during photovoltaic power plants modelling
      Voltage and frequency regulation of standalone self-excited induction generator for micro-hydro power generation using discrete-time adaptive control
      Experimental study on performance assessment of Savonius rotor type wave energy converter in an experimental wave flume
      Implementation of a modified perturb and observe maximum power point tracking algorithm for photovoltaic system using an embedded microcontroller
      Improved performance low-cost incremental conductance PV MPPT technique

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