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Volume 10, Issue 3, March 2016

Volume 10, Issue 3

March 2016

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    • Modelling and robust control design of a standalone wind-based energy storage generation unit powering an induction motor-variable-displacement pressure-compensated pump
      Hybrid forecasting model-based data mining and genetic algorithm-adaptive particle swarm optimisation: a case study of wind speed time series
      Investigation of the interaction between step voltage regulators and large-scale photovoltaic systems regarding voltage regulation and unbalance
      Comparative study of reactive power control methods for photovoltaic inverters in low-voltage grids
      Effective utilisation and efficient maximum power extraction in partially shaded photovoltaic systems using minimum-distance-average-based clustering algorithm
      Multi-objective unit commitment with renewable energy using hybrid approach
      Enhancement low-voltage ride through capability of permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind turbines using interval type-2 fuzzy control
      Linear generator-based wave energy converter model with experimental verification and three loading strategies
      Intelligent energy exploitation from sewage
      Three-wire bipolar high-voltage direct current line using an existing single-circuit high-voltage alternating current line for integrating renewable energy sources in multiterminal DC networks
      Detailed simulation of electrical demands due to nationwide adoption of heat pumps, taking account of renewable generation and mitigation
      Examination of the grid-connected polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell's electrical behaviour and control
      Optimised power dispatch strategy for offshore wind farms
      Photovoltaic systems in low-voltage networks and overvoltage correction with reactive power control
      Observer-based scheme for tuning the control of variable speed wind turbines operating in hostile environments

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