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Volume 10, Issue 2, February 2016

Volume 10, Issue 2

February 2016

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    • Hybrid maximum power point tracking method with variable step size for photovoltaic systems
      Experimental investigation of the incremental conductance maximum power point tracking algorithm at high perturbation rates
      Control scheme for grid-tied distributed generation inverter under unbalanced and distorted utility conditions with power quality ancillary services
      Transient stability improvement of doubly fed induction generator based variable speed wind generator using DC resistive fault current limiter
      Modelling, control and frequency domain analysis of a tidal current conversion system with onshore converters
      Improved single-phase transformerless inverter with high power density and high efficiency for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      Optimisation of offshore wind farm cable connection layout considering levelised production cost using dynamic minimum spanning tree algorithm
      Single-stage ac–dc buck–boost converter for medium-voltage high-power applications
      Sensorless fuzzy-logic-based maximum power point tracking control for a small-scale wind power generation systems with a switched-mode rectifier
      Coordinated fault-ride-through strategy for doubly-fed induction generators with enhanced reactive and active power support
      Temperature prediction of the molten salt collector tube using BP neural network
      Taguchi method-based probabilistic load flow studies considering uncertain renewables and loads
      Universal islanding detection technique based on rate of change of sequence components of currents for distributed generations
      Adaptive voltage control strategy for variable-speed wind turbine connected to a weak network
      Recognition and assessment of different factors which affect flicker in wind turbines
    • Recent advances in single-phase transformerless photovoltaic inverters

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