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Volume 10, Issue 10, November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 10

November 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Wave power absorption by a submerged balloon fixed to the sea bed
      Dimensioning methodology for energy storage devices and wave energy converters supplying isolated loads
      Joint optimisation of generation and storage in the presence of wind
      Exploiting the thermal potential of deep seawater for compensating losses in offshore hydraulic wind power transmission pipelines
      Segmented packed beds for improved thermal energy storage performance
      An approach to reduce the flow requirement for a liquid piston near-isothermal air compressor/expander in a compressed air energy storage system
      Heat transfer performance of thermal energy storage components containing composite phase change materials
      Experimental analysis of buoyancy battery energy storage system
      Rechargeable nickel–iron batteries for large-scale energy storage
      Energy storage and wind power: sensitivity of revenue to future market uncertainties
    • Current source back-to-back converter for wind energy conversion systems
      Reliability evaluation of distribution systems with mobile energy storage systems
      Analysis of the frequency-based control of a master/slave micro-grid
      Control approach of three-phase grid connected PV inverters for voltage unbalance mitigation in low-voltage distribution grids
      Hybrid modular multilevel converter based multi-terminal DC/DC converter with minimised full-bridge submodules ratio considering DC fault isolation
      Speed control of sensorless induction generator by artificial neural network in wind energy conversion system
      Islanding detection technique based on relevance vector machine
      Improving supervised wind power forecasting models using extended numerical weather variables and unlabelled data
      Design and analysis of a pendulum-based electromagnetic energy harvester using anti-phase motion
      Probabilistic evaluation of available load supply capability of distribution networks as an index for wind turbines allocation
      Three-phase grid-tied single-stage solar energy conversion system using LLMS control algorithm

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