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IET Quantum Communication is a gold Open Access journal that publishes  novel research and original survey articles in quantum wireless communication. 

One of the most important applications in quantum information science is quantum wireless communication. Quantum wireless employs a quantum property called quantum entanglement, which allows quantum devices to transport a specific quantum state to another site at a distance by transmitting quantum bits rather than classical bits.

To enable the quantum for the future communication networks, we need to overcome a series of challenges that require multidisciplinary knowledge including signal processing, optimization, and economic theory. 

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Quantum Communication

Quantum wireless communication

Interoperability between molecular communication and quantum communication.

Quantum information and computation

Quantum cryptography 

Quantum processors and computer design 

Quantum programming languages and semantics

Quantum interferometry and quantum sensors 

Quantum sensing and measurement systems

Quantum metrology

Quantum imaging systems

Quantum simulation

Quantum enabling technologies

QCA based nano/quantum communication

Entanglement as a resource of quantum technology

Quantum Internet

Quantum Signal Processing

Quantum Computational Intelligence

Quantum Metamaterials

Quantum Information theory


All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived for submissions received before the end of 2020.

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