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Submit your proposal for a Special Issue

Proposals should be sent in accordance with our Special Issue guidelines – click here to download our Special Issue guide to find out more about what to include in your proposal and the roles and responsibilities of Guest Editor.

Special Issue proposals can be sent to [email protected]

Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Modelling, Methodologies and Control Techniques of DC/AC Power Conversion Topologies for Small- and Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Systems- click here to download more information

Submission portal will open at least 8 weeks before submission deadline

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • A new design and modelling of DC/AC inverters
  • Self-voltage-boosted DC/AC inverter topologies for gridconnected PV Systems
  • Decoupling microinverter topologies for PV module applications
  • Transformerless inverter topologies with reduced leakage currents and common-mode voltages
  • Novel power converter topologies for multilevel waveform synthesis (e.g., switched-capacitor cell)
  • Failure and reliability analysis of the capacitors in switchedcapacitor- based inverters
  • Voltage balancing schemes to balance the floating/flying capacitors in inverters
  • Decoupled active and reactive power control for grid-connected PV inverter applications
  • Advanced control techniques of grid-connected PV inverters for large-scale integration

Previously published Special Issues


WBG Semiconductor Power Electronics for Industrial and Automative Applications

Vol. 13, Issue 3


Special Section: Selected Papers from the 14th International Seminar on Power Semiconductors (ISPS 2018)

Vol. 12, Issue 15

Enabling Technologies in Electric and More Electric Transportation

Vol. 12, Issue 13

Advanced Technologies Utilised in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Vol. 12, Issue 10


Selected papers from the 13th International Seminar on Power Semiconductors (ISPS 2016)

Vol. 11, Issue 4


Flexible Operation and Control for Medium Voltage Direct-Current (MVDC) Grid

Vol. 10, Issue 15

Special Section: Selected papers from the 8th International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2016)

Vol. 10, Issue 11


Special Section: Hybrid Multilevel Converters: Topologies, Modulation and Control

Vol. 9, Issue 12

Converters and Semiconductor Circuit Breakers for HVDC and DC Grids

Vol. 9, Issue 2


International Seminar on Power Semiconductors 2014 (ISPS2014)

Vol. 8, Issue 12

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