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IET Power Electronics

Volume 9, Issue 9, 27 July 2016

Volume 9, Issue 9

27 July 2016

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    • Operation analysis of a phase-shifted full-bridge converter during the dead-time interval
      Input-series-output-parallel connected modular high frequency isolated AC–AC converters with positive compensation of inner-current loop
      Control method for improving the response of single-phase continuous conduction mode boost power factor correction converter
      Fixed-frequency adaptive on-time buck converter with ramp compensation
      Closed-loop waveform control of boost inverter
      Constant-frequency shoot-through sine pulse-width-modulation scheme for three-phase single-input–hybrid-output converter
      Developed embedded switched-Z-source inverter
      Voltage gain analysis of the interleaved boost with voltage multiplier converter used as electronic interface for fuel cells systems
      Performance evaluation of interleaved high-gain converter configurations
      Carrier-based generalised discontinuous pulse-width modulation strategy with flexible neutral-point voltage control and optimal losses for a three-level converter
      Duty-cycle-controlled resonant dual-half-bridge converter with multifunctional capacitors for distributed generation applications
      Magnetic field design for optimal wireless power transfer to multiple receivers
      Extended high step-up structure for multilevel converter
      Wireless power transfer technology using full-bridge current-fed topology for medium power applications
      Ripple-reduced model predictive direct power control for active front-end power converters with extended switching vectors and time-optimised control
      Modified rectifications for improving the charge equalisation performance of series-connected battery stack
      Offset-free feedback linearisation control of a three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system
      Magnetically coupled boost converter with enhanced equivalent series resistance filter capacitor for DC microgrid
      Wide input and wide output topology analysis for tapped-inductor converters with consideration of parasitic elements
      Input-series and output-series connected modular single-switch flyback converter operating in the discontinuous conduction mode
      Design of LCL and LLCL filters for single-phase grid connected converters
      Investigation of the trade-off between switching losses and EMI generation in Gaussian S-shaping for high-power IGBT switching transients by active voltage control
      Control algorithms based on the active and non-active currents for a UPQC without series transformers
      Finite-time disturbance observer based non-singular terminal sliding-mode control for pulse width modulation based DC–DC buck converters with mismatched load disturbances
      Analysis and implementation of a novel high step-up DC–DC converter with low switch voltage stress and reduced diode voltage stress

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