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Volume 9, Issue 5, 20 April 2016

Volume 9, Issue 5

20 April 2016

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    • Complex non-linear phenomena and stability analysis of interconnected power converters used in distributed power systems
      Analysis and design of a high-step-down ratio resonant converter
      Three-level saddle space vector pulse width modulation strategy based on two-level space vector pulse width modulation for neutral-point-clamped three-level inverters
      Improved repetitive control scheme for grid-connected inverter with frequency adaptation
      Dimmable flicker-free power LEDs lighting system based on a SEPIC rectifier using a regenerative snubber
      Brushless DC motor drive with power factor regulation using Landsman converter
      Investigation of current-mode controlled cascade boost converter systems: dynamics and stability issues
      Topology for cascaded multilevel inverter
      Analytical closed-form expressions of DC current ripple for three-level neutral point clamped inverters with space-vector pulse-width modulation
      Design and implementation of type-II and type-III controller for DC–DC switched-mode boost converter by using K-factor approach and optimisation techniques
      Simplified model and submodule capacitor voltage balancing of single-phase AC/AC modular multilevel converter for railway traction purpose
      Instantaneous current-sharing control scheme of multi-inverter modules in parallel based on virtual circulating impedance
      Evaluation of reverse recovery characteristic of silicon carbide metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor intrinsic diode
      Generalisation of an averaged model approach to estimate the period-doubling bifurcation onset in power converters
      Rapid and generalised space vector modulation algorithm for cascaded multilevel converter based on zero-order voltage constraint
      Power transfer using portable surfaces in capacitively coupled power transfer technology
      Voltage sensorless predictive direct power control of three-phase PWM converters
      Physics-based model of LPT CSTBT including MOS-side two-dimensional effects
      Repetitive control-based single-phase bidirectional rectifier with enhanced performance
      Power decoupling strategy based on ‘virtual negative resistor’ for inverters in low-voltage microgrids
      Study on the lifetime characteristics of power modules under power cycling conditions
      Adaptive recursive inverse-based control algorithm for shunt active power filter
      Trans-switched boost inverters
      Zero-current-switching bidirectional interleaved switched-capacitor DC–DC converter: analysis, design and implementation
      Analysis and design of snubber circuit for Z-source inverter applications

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