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Volume 9, Issue 4, 30 March 2016

Volume 9, Issue 4

30 March 2016

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    • Online phase margin compensation strategy for a grid-tied inverter to improve its robustness to grid impedance variation
      Solar photovoltaic-based stand-alone scheme incorporating a new boost inverter
      Zero voltage transition–zero current transition pulse-width modulated multiphase synchronous buck converter with an active auxiliary circuit for portable applications
      Circulating current control strategy for parallel full-scale wind power converters
      Modulation technique for Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverter without a Look-Up Table
      Active third-harmonic injection indirect matrix converter with dual three-phase outputs
      Extended maximum boost control scheme based on single-phase modulator for three-phase Z-source inverter
      Development of a 20 kV damped oscillating voltage generator
      Gallium arsenide semiconductor parameters extracted from pin diode measurements and simulations
      Reduction in number of devices for symmetrical and asymmetrical multilevel inverters
      Multimode step-up bidirectional series resonant DC/DC converter using continuous current mode
      Zero-voltage-switching buck converter with low-voltage stress using coupled inductor
      Switching-loss reduction technique in active power filters without auxiliary circuits
      Stability improvement of matrix converter by digitally filtering the input voltages in stationary frame
      Analysis and implementation of wide zero-voltage switching dual full-bridge converters
      Multi-objective control of multi-functional grid-connected inverter for renewable energy integration and power quality service
      Realisation of ‘more electric ships’ through a modular, efficient, tank-less and non-resonant inverter
      Digital regulation scheme for multimode primary-side controlled flyback converter
      Improved droop control method with precise current sharing and voltage regulation
      Improved Y-source DC–AC converter with continuous input current
      High-performance digital replica of analogue peak current mode control for DC–DC converter
      Hybrid DC/DC converter based on dual three-level circuit and half-bridge circuit
      Sectional linear LED driver for optimised efficiency in lighting applications
      High-voltage gain zero-current switching push–pull resonant converter for small energy sources
      Double resonant output filter to eliminating the tradeoff between bandwidth and switching ripple in shunt active power filters

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