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IET Power Electronics

Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2015

Volume 8, Issue 7

July 2015

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    • Space-vector pulse width modulation scheme for open-end winding induction motor drive configuration
      Optimised phase disposition pulse-width modulation strategy for hybrid-clamped multilevel inverters using switching state sequences
      Double deadbeat-loop control method for distribution static compensator
      Current-tripler-rectifier pulse width modulation ZVS three-phase full-bridge DC/DC converter with Y–Δ connected transformer
      Switched reluctance motor drive converter operating in continuous conduction mode with high demagnetisation voltage
      Phase-shift modulation in double half-bridge inverter with common resonant capacitor for induction heating appliances
      Comparative study of current-mode controllers for the positive output elementary Luo converter via state-space and frequency response approaches
      Implementation of modified current synchronous detection method for voltage control of self-excited induction generator
      Study and implementation of an improved-power factor alternating-current-light emitting diode driver
      Decentralised control of parallel inverters connected to microgrid using the derivative-free non-linear Kalman filter
      Flexible power weighting distribution for three-phase parallel inverters with networked control
      Parasitic capacitance effect on the performance of two-phase switched-capacitor DC–DC converters
      LCL-resonant single-switch isolated DC–DC converter
      Current estimation circuit for discontinuous conduction mode flyback pulse-width modulation controller
      Radial force dynamic current compensation method of single winding bearingless flywheel motor
      Robust sliding-mode control of dc/dc boost converter feeding a constant power load
      Ultra-low startup voltage low output ripple high-efficiency hysteretic current mode step-up DC–DC converter
      Soft switching method for multiport DC/DC converters applicable in grid connected clean energy sources
      Frequency fuzzy anti-islanding for grid-connected and islanding operation in distributed generation systems
      Voltage balancing technique in a space vector modulated 5-level multiple-pole multilevel diode clamped inverter
      Analysis and modelling of circulating current in two parallel-connected inverters
      Indirect vector control with simplified rotor resistance adaptation for induction machines
      Input-series and output-parallel connected single stage buck type modular AC–DC converters with high-frequency isolation
      Dimmable light-emitting diode driver with cascaded current regulator and voltage source
    • Mitigation of power quality problems using distribution static synchronous compensator: a comprehensive review

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