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IET Power Electronics

Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2015

Volume 8, Issue 2

February 2015

Universal lighting control of unknown connected light emitting diode arrays via a T–S fuzzy model-based approach
Performance evaluation of three-phase, neutral-point clamped bi-directional rectifier for supply and load perturbations
Interleaved high step-up DC–DC converter based on three-winding high-frequency coupled inductor and voltage multiplier cell
Single-phase safe commutation trans-Z-source AC–AC converter
Improved Luo converter modifications with increasing voltage ratio
Coupled-inductor boost integrated flyback converter with high-voltage gain and ripple-free input current
Model predictive-based shunt active power filter with a new reference current estimation strategy
Power factor correction in switched mode power supply for computers using canonical switching cell converter
Simple digital current control strategy for single-phase grid-connected converters
Evaluation and analysis of transformerless photovoltaic inverter topology for efficiency improvement and reduction of leakage current
Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three-level boost neutral point clamped inverter
Experimental validation of minimum cost function-based model predictive converter control with efficient reference tracking
Direct torque control of matrix converter-fed permanent magnet synchronous motor drives based on master and slave vectors
Structure for double flying capacitor multicell converter; progressive double flying capacitor multicell converter
High step-up current-fed ZVS dual half-bridge DC–DC converter for high-voltage applications

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