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IET Power Electronics

Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2015

Volume 8, Issue 11

November 2015

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    • Winding-centre-tapped switched reluctance motor drive for multi-source charging in electric vehicle applications
      Three-leg inverter-based distribution static compensator topology for compensating unbalanced and non-linear loads
      Structure of boost DC-link cascaded multilevel inverter for uninterrupted power supply applications
      Modelling, control and realisation of the single-ended forward converter with resonant reset at the secondary side
      Implementation of phase disposition modulation method for the three-level diode-clamped matrix converter
      Push–pull mode digital control for LLC series resonant dc-to-dc converters
      Hybrid topology of symmetrical multilevel inverter using less number of devices
      Step-down converter with wide voltage conversion ratio
      Design and implementation of a linear quadratic regulator controlled active power conditioner for effective source utilisation and voltage regulation in low-power wind energy conversion systems
      Non-linear adaptive hysteresis band pulse-width modulation control for hybrid active power filters to reduce switching loss
      Single-switch single-inductor multi-output pulse width modulation converters based on optimised switched-capacitor
      Parallel operation of inverter using trans-Z-source network
      Non-isolated high step-up DC–DC converter based on coupled inductor with reduced voltage stress
      Estimation of the bifurcation point of a modulated-hysteresis current-controlled DC–DC boost converter: stability analysis and experimental verification
      Coupled inductance design for grid-connected photovoltaic inverters
      Three-phase bidirectional dc/ac converter using a six-leg inverter connected to a direct ac/ac converter
      Sensorless speed measurement for brushed DC motors
      Fixed-frequency adaptive off-time controlled buck current regulator with excellent pulse-width modulation and analogue dimming for light-emitting diode driving applications
      Performance improvement of a three-phase phase-locked-loop algorithm under utility voltage disturbances using non-autonomous adaptive filters
      Robust lateral double-diffused MOS with interleaved bulk and source for high-voltage electrostatic discharge protection
      Generalised single-phase N-level voltage-source inverter with coupled inductors
      Current harmonics compensation with three-phase four-wire shunt hybrid active power filter based on modified DQ theory
      Transformer inrush mitigation for dynamic voltage restorer using direct flux linkage control
      Output voltage control of inductive power transfer system based on extremum seeking control
      Self-tuning indirect adaptive control of non-inverting buck–boost converter

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