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IET Power Electronics

Volume 8, Issue 10, October 2015

Volume 8, Issue 10

October 2015

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    • Design of adaptive H filter for implementing on state-of-charge estimation based on battery state-of-charge-varying modelling
      Light-emitting diode driver with a combined energy transfer inductor for current balancing control
      Solid-state controller for three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator-based diesel generator set feeding single-phase loads
      Voltage booster scheme for enhancing the fault ride-through of wind turbines
      Soft switching DC/DC converter with five resonant tanks for medium voltage applications
      Transformer-based inverter with reduced number of switches for renewable energy applications
      High-voltage gain dc–dc boost converter with coupled inductors for photovoltaic systems
      Compensation topology for flat spiral coil inductive power transfer systems
      Power quality improvement in a low-voltage DC ceiling grid powered system
      Inter-module state-of-charge balancing and fault-tolerant operation of cascaded H-bridge converter using multi-dimensional modulation for electric vehicle application
      Design, implementation issues and performance of an inductive power transfer system for electric vehicle chargers with series–series compensation
      Duty cycle-based three-level space-vector pulse-width modulation with overmodulation and neutral-point balancing capabilities for three-phase neutral-point clamped inverters
      Tri-carrier sinusoidal pulse-width modulation without dead time effects for converters
      Stabilisation of asymmetrically structured back-to-back static synchronous compensator system with non-linear damping control
      Adaptive hysteresis and fuzzy logic controlled-based shunt active power filter resistant to shoot-through phenomenon
      Soft-switching forward DC–DC converter using a continuous current mode for electric vehicle applications
      Analysis, design and derivation of a two-phase converter
      H-bridge modular multi-level converter: control strategy for improved DC fault ride-through capability without converter blocking
      Piezoelectric ceramic acting as inductor for capacitive compensation in piezoelectric transformer
      Active zero voltage switching tracking controller design for class E inverter to counteract the resonant components shifting
      Temperature dependent state-of-charge estimation of lithium ion battery using dual spherical unscented Kalman filter
      Carrierless pulse width modulation strategy for multilevel inverters
    • Survey on non-isolated high-voltage step-up dc–dc topologies based on the boost converter
      Modified Ćuk converter for high-performance power factor correction applications

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