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Volume 7, Issue 11, November 2014

Volume 7, Issue 11

November 2014

Minimisations of total harmonic distortion in cascaded transformers multilevel inverter by modifying turn ratios of the transformers and input voltage regulation
Effective space vector modulation switching sequence for three phase Z source inverters
High step-up interleaved converter with soft-switching using a single auxiliary switch for a fuel cell system
Small-capacity grid-connected solar power generation system
Finite control set predictive control based on Lyapunov function for three-phase voltage source inverters
Single-phase ac–dc–ac multilevel five-leg converter
Comparison of power losses, current and voltage stresses of semiconductors in voltage source transformerless multilevel inverters
Hybrid state of charge estimation for lithium-ion batteries: design and implementation
Induction motor control based on approximate stator flux
Research on input-voltage feedforward control for high-order converter topologies
Generalised transformerless ultra step-up DC–DC converter with reduced voltage stress on semiconductors
Non-isolated multi-input–single-output DC/DC converter for photovoltaic power generation systems
Magnetically coupled high-gain Y-source isolated DC/DC converter
Application of shunt active power filter for harmonic reduction and reactive power compensation in three-phase four-wire systems
Control scheme for cascaded H-bridge converter-based distribution network static compensator
Efficiency improvement on two-switch buck-boost converter with coupled inductor for high-voltage applications
Analysis and design of pulse frequency modulation discontinuous-current-mode dielectric barrier corona discharge with constant applied electrode voltage
Recursive integral proportional–integral control based on membership cloud for active power filter
Evaluation of current stresses in nine-switch energy conversion systems
Pulse-width modulation control strategy for high efficiency LLC resonant converter with light load applications

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