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IET Power Electronics

Volume 6, Issue 9, November 2013

Volume 6, Issue 9

November 2013

Marx dc–dc converter for high-power application
Design of a zero-voltage-switching large-air-gap wireless charger with low electric stress for electric vehicles
Modified electromagnetic microgenerator design for improved performance of low-voltage energy-harvesting systems
Hybrid split capacitors and split inductors applied in positive output super-lift Luo-converters
Laddered multilevel DC/AC inverters used in Solar Panel Energy systems
Digital pulse-width modulation controller based on fully table look-up for system-on-a-chip applications
A novel circuit for removing the entire current harmonic distortion generated by ohmic phase-cutting devices
Complex state variable- and disturbance observer-based current controllers for AC drives: an experimental comparison
Analysis and design of a multi-channel constant current light-emitting diode driver based on high-frequency AC bus
Two-stage micro-grid inverter with high-voltage gain for photovoltaic applications
Analysis and design of split-capacitor resistive-inductive passive damping for LCL filters in grid-connected inverters
Lithium-ion battery state of charge estimation based on square-root unscented Kalman filter
A novel heuristic optimisation algorithm for automated design of resonant compensators for shunt active filters
The X-connected inverter: a topology with higher fundamental and reduced low-order harmonic voltages
Design-oriented model and critical inductance method for long life isolated power converters
Shunt reactive VAR compensator for grid-connected induction generator in wind energy conversion systems
Implementation of soft-switching bidirectional flyback converter without auxiliary switch
Analysis and implementation of a three-phase power factor correction scheme using modular Cuk rectifier for balanced and unbalanced supply conditions
Multi-input voltage-summation converter based on switched-capacitor
Doubly fed induction generator-based off-grid wind energy conversion systems feeding dynamic loads
Comprehensive steady-state analytical model of a three-phase diode rectifier connected to a constant DC voltage source
Improved performance of multilevel inverter-based distribution static synchronous compensator with induction furnace load
Improved transient response using high-frequency feedback control circuit of the constant current ripple constant on-time with native adaptive voltage positioning design for voltage regulators
Period-bubbling and mode-locking instabilities in a full-bridge DC–AC buck inverter
Zero-voltage switching current-fed flyback converter for power factor correction application

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