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IET Power Electronics

Volume 6, Issue 8, September 2013

Volume 6, Issue 8

September 2013

Space vector-based three-level discontinuous pulse-width modulation algorithm
Multiple-input DC/DC converter topology for hybrid energy system
High-power-factor light-emitting diode lamp power supply without electrolytic capacitors for high-pressure-sodium lamp retrofit applications
Thirteen-level cascaded H-bridge inverter operated by Generic phase shifted pulse-width modulation
Comparative study of multilevel inverters under unbalanced voltage in a single DC link
High-efficiency two-switch tri-state buck–boost power factor correction converter with fast dynamic response and low-inductor current ripple
TABLE-BASED direct power control for three-level neutral point-clamped pulse-width modulated rectifier
Trend towards the design of embedded DC–DC converters
Implementation of sensorless control of induction machines using only fundamental PWM waveforms of a two-level converter
Design and implementation of a low cost, high yield dielectric barrier discharge ozone generator based on the single switch resonant converter
Low computational burden grid voltage sensorless current controller
Volt-second-based control method for discontinuous conduction mode flyback micro-inverters to improve total harmonic distortion
Predictive variable-structure system control of unity power factor rectifiers
Instant voltage compensator based on a three-leg converter
Switching regulator using a high step-up voltage converter for fuel-cell modules
Micro-scale inductorless maximum power point tracking DC–DC converter
Hysteresis current controller for a general n-level inverter fed drive with online current error boundary computation and nearly constant switching frequency
Autonomous operation of ac–dc microgrids with minimised interlinking energy flow
Active anti-islanding detection based on pulse current injection for distributed generation systems
Reciprocal effects of the distorted wind turbine source and the shunt active power filter: full compensation of unbalance and harmonics under ‘capacitive non-linear load’ condition
Enhanced fault ride through performance of self-excited induction generator-based wind park during unbalanced grid operation
Novel three-phase asymmetrical cascaded multilevel voltage source inverter
Modelling and industrial application of series hybrid active power filter
Active closed-loop gate voltage control method to mitigate metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor turn-off voltage overshoot and ring
A novel approach of space vector modulation for cycloinverter using genetic algorithm

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