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Volume 6, Issue 7, August 2013

Volume 6, Issue 7

August 2013

New five-level inverter-based grid-connected power conversion interface
Improved space-vector modulation technique for common mode currents reduction
Theoretical and experimental evaluation of four space-vector modulations applied to quasi-Z-source inverters
One zero-voltage-switching three-transistor push–pull converter
Analysis and experimental study of an output feedback controller for a high-order boost dc–dc converter
Fast space vector modulation algorithm for multilevel inverters and its extension for operation of the cascaded H-bridge inverter with non-constant DC sources
Fixed and variable power angle control methods for unified power quality conditioner: operation, control and impact assessment on shunt and series inverter kVA loadings
Intelligent sensor fault-tolerant control for variable speed wind electrical systems
Robust predictive dual-loop control strategy with reactive power compensation for single-phase grid-connected distributed generation system
Power flow control of intertied ac microgrids
One-inductor-based auxiliary circuit for dc-link capacitor voltage equalisation of diode-clamped multilevel converter
Switching algorithm for single Z-source boost multilevel inverter with ability of voltage control
Modelling and control of a multi-stage interleaved DC–DC converter with coupled inductors for super-capacitor energy storage system
Analysis of dc-link capacitor current in three-level neutral point clamped and cascaded H-bridge inverters
Space vector modulation strategy for neutral-point voltage balancing in three-level inverter systems
Space vector modulation strategy for VIENNA rectifier and load unbalanced ability
New mixture of hybrid stacked multicell with half-cascaded converter to increase voltage levels
Circuitry and analysis of input-capacitor-added multiple-input buck converters
Natural frame-based strategy for Vienna-type rectifier with light unbalanced input voltages
Low-voltage ride-through concept in flyback inverter-based alternating current–photovoltaic modules
Parameter extraction of conducted electromagnetic interference prediction model and optimisation design for a DC–DC converter system
Analytical optimisation of solid-round-wire windings conducting dc and ac non-sinusoidal periodic currents

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