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IET Power Electronics

Volume 6, Issue 6, July 2013

Volume 6, Issue 6

July 2013

Takagi–Sugeno–Kang type probabilistic fuzzy neural network control for grid-connected LiFePO4 battery storage system
Cascaded cross-switched multilevel inverter in symmetric and asymmetric conditions
Pulse density modulated control patterns for inductively powered implantable devices based on energy injection control
Analytical winding size optimisation for different conductor shapes using Ampère's Law
A soft-switching post-regulator for multi-outputs dual forward DC/DC converter with tight output voltage regulation
Accurate model for the forward converter with peak current-mode control
Research on cascaded three-phase-bridge multilevel converter based on CPS-PWM
Analysis and design of isolated flyback voltage-multiplier converter for low-voltage input and high-voltage output applications
Maximum power point tracking of single-ended primary-inductor converter employing a novel optimisation technique for proportional-integral-derivative controller
Enhanced three-phase multilevel inverter configuration
Bridgeless electrolytic capacitor-less valley-fill AC/DC converter for offline Twin-Bus light-emitting diode lighting application
Power loss analysis of active clamp forward converter in continuous conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode operating modes
100 mV–1.2 V fully-integrated DC–DC converters for thermal energy harvesting
Zero-Voltage-Transition auxiliary circuit with dual resonant tank for DC–DC converters with synchronous rectification
Multilevel inverter based on cascaded association of Buck EIE inverters
Family of high-boost Z-source inverters with combined switched-inductor and transformer cells
Asymmetrical multilevel converter topology with reduced number of components
Real and reactive power control of hybrid excited wind-driven grid-connected doubly fed induction generators
Capacitor voltage balancing of a three-phase neutral-point clamped bi-directional rectifier using optimised switching sequences
Analytical modelling of single-phase stacked multicell multilevel converters exploiting Kapteyn (Fourier–Bessel) series

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