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IET Power Electronics

Volume 6, Issue 5, May 2013

Volume 6, Issue 5

May 2013

Voltage balancing scheme for flying capacitor multilevel converters
Dynamic performance investigation of dq model with PID controller-based unified power-flow controller
Reactive power allocation for loss minimisation in a stand alone variable speed constant frequency double output induction generator
Family of zero-voltage-switching  unregulated isolated step-up DC–DC converters
Fault diagnosis scheme for open-circuit faults in field-oriented control induction motor drives
Series H-bridge with stacked multicell inverter to quadruplicate voltage levels
Implementation of dual-loop controller for positive output elementary Luo converter
Methods of source current reference generation for predictive control in a direct matrix converter
Improved power quality bridgeless Cuk converter fed brushless DC motor drive for air conditioning system
Design and performance evaluation of a bidirectional isolated dc–dc converter with extended dual-phase-shift scheme
DC-bus voltage control of grid-connected voltage source converter by using space vector modulated direct power control under unbalanced network conditions
Analysis and design of reduced-order sliding-mode controller for three-phase power factor correction using Cuk rectifiers
New three-phase discontinuous voltage mode Cuk power-factor correction converter for low-power applications
Pulse width modulation technique parameter selection with harmonic injection and frequency-modulated triangular carrier
Analytical winding foil thickness optimisation of inductors conducting harmonic currents
Design and implementation of reduced-order sliding mode controller plus proportional double integral controller for negative output elementary super-lift Luo-converter
Design and digital implementation of voltage and current mode control for the quasi-Z-source converters
Dual-output dc–dc buck converters with bidirectional and unidirectional characteristics
Analysis and implementation of an integrated electronic ballast for high-intensity-discharge lamps featuring high-power factor
Novel technique for bidirectional series-resonant DC/DC converter in discontinuous mode

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