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IET Power Electronics

Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2013

Volume 6, Issue 4

April 2013

Optimised design of a transformer and an electronic circuit for IGBT drivers signal impulse transmission function based on a virtual prototyping tool
Full digital deadbeat speed control for permanent magnet synchronous motor with load compensation
Cross-switched multilevel inverter: an innovative topology
μ-based robust controller design of LCLC resonant inverter for high-frequency power distribution system
Source switching circuit with low-gate-driving loss in high-voltage buck light emitting diode driver
Single-stage high-power-factor low-frequency square-wave-driven high-intensity-discharge lamp ballast
Unified time-domain formulation of switching frequency for hysteresis current controlled AC/DC and DC/AC grid connected converters
Single-stage pickup with a bidirectional zero-voltage turn-on switch
Grid simulator for power quality assessment of micro-grids
Z(TN )-Observability and control of parallel multicell chopper using Petri nets
Active current ripple cancellation in parallel connected buck converter modules
Indirect output voltage regulation of DC–DC buck/boost converter operating in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes using adaptive backstepping approach
Modified space vector modulation for fault-tolerant operation of multilevel cascaded H-bridge inverters
Design of backstepping control for high-performance inverter with stand-alone and grid-connected power-supply modes
Analysis and experimental verification of Hopf bifurcation in a solar photovoltaic powered hysteresis current-controlled cascaded-boost converter
Analysis and implementation of an interleaved series input parallel output active clamp forward converter
Improved pulse-width modulation and capacitor voltage-balancing strategy for a scalable hybrid cascaded multilevel converter
Improved double line voltage synthesis of matrix converter for input current enhancement under unbalanced power supply
Performance evaluation of a simple and general space vector pulse-width modulation-based M-level inverter including over-modulation operation
Types-1 and -2 fuzzy logic controllers-based shunt active filter Id Iq control strategy with different fuzzy membership functions for power quality improvement using RTDS hardware

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