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IET Power Electronics

Volume 5, Issue 9, November 2012

Volume 5, Issue 9

November 2012

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    • Auto-tuning scheme for improved current sharing of multiphase DC–DC converters
      Single-stage driver for supplying high-power light-emitting-diodes with universal utility-line input voltages
      Dynamics analysis of a low-voltage stress single-stage high-power factor correction ac/dc flyback converter
      Three-phase dual-output six-switch inverter
      Implementation of a parallel zero-voltage switching DC–DC converter with fewer active switches
      Application of cascaded H-bridge distribution-static synchronous series compensator in electrical distribution system power flow control
      Low-frequency current ripple reduction in front-end boost converter with single-phase inverter load
      Design of energy-saving adaptive fast-charging control strategy for Li-FePO4 battery module
      Performance of cascaded multilevel inverter by employing single and three-phase transformers
      Unified model to derive control-to-output transfer function of peak current-mode-controlled pulse-width modulated dc–dc converters in continuous conduction mode
      Design of an 11 kW power factor correction and 10 kW ZVS DC/DC converter for a high-efficiency battery charger in electric vehicles
      Control of dc capacitor voltages in diode-clamped multilevel inverter using bidirectional buck–boost choppers
      Bridgeless CUK power factor correction rectifier with reduced conduction losses
      Least-squares estimation of capacitor voltages in flying capacitor multilevel converters
      Single-source cascaded transformers multilevel inverter with reduced number of switches
      Two-switch three-phase ac-link dynamic voltage restorer
      Transient and steady-state analysis of three-phase PWM buck rectifier
      High-voltage DC-feeder solution for electric railways
      Laplace transform-based theoretical foundations and experimental validation: low-frequency supercapacitor circulation for efficiency improvements in linear regulators
      Field programmable gate array-based delta-modulated cycloinverter
      Analysis, design and implementation of zero-current transition interleaved boost converter
      Design and control of a switched-reluctance motor-driven cooling fan
      Design and implementation of a compact frequency synchronisation control circuit using enable input for DC–DC converter
      Evaluation of a single-stage current source inverter with high-voltage gain supplied by a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
      Transformerless single-phase three-wire line-interactive uninterruptible power supply
      Simulation and real-time implementation of shunt active filter idiq control strategy for mitigation of harmonics with different fuzzy membership functions
      Performance evaluation of high-voltage 1.2 kV silicon carbide metal oxide semi-conductor field effect transistors for three-phase buck-type PWM rectifiers in aircraft applications
      Phase angle analysis for PWM-switched autotransformer voltage-sag compensator
      Soft switching DC/DC converter for high-input voltage and medium-power applications
      Improved selective harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation strategy in multilevel inverters
      Analysis, design and implementation of a new zero-voltage-switching interleaved asymmetrical half-bridge converter using an integrated transformer
      Low-power low-voltage AC–DC converters for electromagnetic energy harvesting with efficient indirect feedback scheme
      Power loss analysis and comparison of two full-bridge converters with auxiliary networks
      One-cycle-controlled bidirectional three-phase unity power factor ac–dc converter without having voltage sensors
      Space-vector pulse-width modulation of a Z-source six-phase inverter with neural network classification
      An approach to measurements of electrical characteristics of lithium-ion battery with open-circuit voltage function
      Two-stage soft-switched converter for the electrolyser application

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