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IET Power Electronics

Volume 5, Issue 8, September 2012

Volume 5, Issue 8

September 2012

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    • Hybrid cascaded H-bridge inverter with even power distribution and improved total harmonic distortion: analysis and experimental validation
      Current harmonics compensation for electrolytic processes using a series active scheme
      Experimental examination on a new switched reluctance wind power generator system for electric vehicles
      Three-phase Z-source power supply design
      Silicon carbide JFET reverse conduction characteristics and use in power converters
      Frequency-dependent modelling of domestic induction heating systems using numerical methods for accurate time-domain simulation
      New mixed stacked multicell converter with interesting advantages
      Improving dynamic performance of wind energy conversion systems using fuzzy-based hysteresis current-controlled superconducting magnetic energy storage
      Medium voltage 12-pulse converter: ac side compensation using a shunt active power filter in a novel front end transformer configuration
      Multilevel dodecagonal space-vector generation for induction motor drives by cascading three-level and two-level inverters
      Analysis of fast-scale instability in a power factor correction Cuk converter
      Analysis and design of different control strategies of hybrid active power filter based on the state model
      Single-stage high power factor step-up/step-down isolated AC/DC converter
      Parallel uninterruptible power supplies based on Z-source inverters
      Robust proportional resonant regulator for grid-connected voltage source inverter (VSI) using direct pole placement design method
      Analysis and implementation of space-vector-modulated three-phase matrix converter
      Non-inverting buck–boost converter with interleaved technique for fuel-cell system
      Silicon–carbide junction field effect transistor built-in diode: an experimentally verified electrical model
      Synthesis and performance investigation of a digitally controlled three-phase neutral-point clamped bidirectional rectifier
      Fast transient voltage-mode buck regulator applying ramp signal with a variable DC-offset scheme
      Harmonic elimination technique for a single-phase multilevel converter with unequal DC link voltage levels
      Active motor terminal overvoltage mitigation method for parallel voltage source inverters
      Using active power factor correction (PFC) boost rectifiers for an improved topology of static series compensators with no energy storage
      Constant v/f induction motor drive with synchronised space vector pulse width modulation
      Power factor compensation and DC-link voltage regulation for a single-phase PWM multilevel rectifier
      Space-vector-based hybrid pulse width modulation technique to reduce line current distortion in induction motor drives
      Online control method with time-delay compensation for hybrid active power filter with Injection Circuit
      Simple multilevel inverter-based induction motor drive scheme using sigma–delta converter with space-vector quantiser
      Methodology for the optimal design of transformerless grid-connected PV inverters
      Cascaded two-level inverter-based multilevel static VAr compensator using 12-sided polygonal voltage space vector modulation
      Single-switch non-resonant electronic ballast to integrate a low-cost fluorescent lighting system
      Control of permanent magnet synchronous generator-based stand-alone wind energy conversion system
      Selective elimination of harmonic contents in an uninterruptible power supply: an enhanced adaptive hybrid technique
      Mechanism and suppression countermeasure of voltage oscillation for full bridge converter
      Direct active and reactive power control of single-phase grid-tie converters
      Design of the output-capacitorless low-dropout regulator for nano-second transient response
      Novel topology of ac–dc converter using direct power conversion
      Parallel DC/DC converters system with a novel primary droop current sharing control
      Single-sensor multi-channel maximum power point tracking controller for photovoltaic solar systems
      Modelling and implementation of fixed switching frequency sliding mode controller for negative output elementary super lift Luo-converter

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