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IET Power Electronics

Volume 5, Issue 7, August 2012

Volume 5, Issue 7

August 2012

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    • Study on output characteristic of bi-direction current source converters
      Integrated magnetics based multi-port bidirectional DC–DC converter topology for discontinuous-mode operation
      Implementation of a zero voltage switching DC/DC converter with three buck-type active clamp circuits
      Minimum inverter capacity design for LC-hybrid active power filters in three-phase four-wire distribution systems
      Zero-voltage-switching dual-boost converter with multi-functional inductors and improved symmetrical rectifier for distributed generation systems
      Class-E-based charge-equalisation circuit for battery cells
      Implementation of a 84-pulse voltage-source converter for special applications
      Overshoot problem of the output diode used in the pre-charger for the railway propulsion system
      Design and analysis of coupled inductor bidirectional DC–DC convertor for high-voltage diversity applications
      Signal flow graphs for modelling of switching converters with reduced redundant power processing
      Two switched-inductor quasi-Z-source inverters
      Possible analogy between the optimal digital pulse width modulation technology and the equivalent optimisation problem
      Conducted electromagnetic interference analysis and mitigation using zero-current transition soft switching and spread spectrum techniques
      Reliability analysis of two frequency converter generations using system-level stress testing
      Quasi-three-level converter for switched reluctance motor drives reducing current rising and falling times
      Fault diagnosis of three-parallel voltage-source converter for a high-power wind turbine
      Predicting the zero-voltage switching profiles of half-bridge driven inductor-less piezoelectric transformer-based inverters
      Dual-input isolated full-bridge boost dc–dc converter based on the distributed transformers
      Hybrid power quality conditioner for co-phase power supply system in electrified railway
      Three-phase single-switch boost power factor correction converter with high input power factor
      Bidirectional control of a dual active bridge DC–DC converter for aerospace applications
      Modular-based inductive power transfer system for high-power applications
      Series-voltage-action converter
      Single-phase high power factor hybrid rectifier suitable for high-power applications
      Current-controlled switching regulator using a DC–DC converter with high-step-down voltage gain
      Extension of minimum separable switching configuration modelling to single-stage AC/DC converters with direct power transfer
      Time delay compensation-based fast current controller for active power filters
      Hysteresis current control of hybrid active power filters
      Real-time implementation of adaptive fuzzy hysteresis-band current control technique for shunt active power filter
      Utility friendly three-level neutral point clamped converter-fed high-performance induction motor drive
      Robust fault diagnosis scheme for open-circuit faults in voltage source inverters feeding induction motors by using non-linear proportional-integral observers
      Study of capacitor energising transient limiter with a half-wave rectifying compensating voltage system
      Comparative study between peak current mode and hysteretic current mode control of a single–ended primary inductance converter
      Bifurcation and Lyapunov's exponents characteristics of electrical scalar drive systems

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