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IET Power Electronics

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2011

Volume 4, Issue 1

January 2011

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    • Average current controlled switching regulators with cascade boost converters
      Bit-stream implementation of a phase-locked loop
      Analysis, design and control of zero-voltage switching quasi-resonant-positive output super lift Luo converter
      Multilevel modulation method for mitigation of high du/dt-originated oscillating overvoltages at motor terminals
      Control strategy for hardware simplification of voltage source converter-based power applications
      Small signal analysis and closed loop control design of active-clamped zero-voltage switched two inductor current-fed isolated DC–DC converter
      Injection-type hybrid active power filter in high-power grid with background harmonic voltage
      Analysis and design of a higher-order T-type resonant convertor as a constant-current power supply
      Design and implementation of zero-voltage-switching quasi-resonant positive-output Luo converter using analog resonant controller UC3861
      Generalised pulse width modulation approach for DC capacitor voltage balancing in diode-clamped multilevel converters
      Multiphase dc–dc converter with high dynamic performance and high efficiency
      Inherent clamp flyback–buck converter with winding cross-coupled inductors
      Grid synchronisation with harmonics and reactive power compensation capability of a permanent magnet synchronous generator-based variable speed wind energy conversion system
      Voltage-lift-type switched-inductor cells for enhancing DC–DC boost ability: principles and integrations in Luo converter
      Time-optimal sliding-mode control for multi-quadrant buck converters
      Soft-switched-controlled-ultra lift Luo converter
      Digital-signal-processor-based DC/AC inverter with integral-compensation terminal sliding-mode control
      Analysis, design and experimental results of a floating-output interleaved-input boost-derived DC–DC high-gain transformer-less converter

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