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IET Power Electronics

Volume 3, Issue 6, November 2010

Volume 3, Issue 6

November 2010

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    • On comparing the symmetrical and non-symmetrical selective harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation technique for two-level three-phase voltage source converters
      Series space vector modulation for multi-level cascaded H-bridge inverters
      Small signal modelling of open-loop SEPIC converters
      Voltage regulation of photovoltaic arrays: small-signal analysis and control design
      HFSS simulation, experimental investigation and optimisation of heat sink EMI
      Single-phase to three-phase four-leg converter applied to distributed generation system
      Direct torque control of squirrel cage induction motor for optimum current ripple using three-level inverter
      Design and performance studies of a hybrid voltage regulator with improved energy efficiency
      H repetitive voltage control of grid-connected inverters with a frequency adaptive mechanism
      Control current and relative stability of peak current-mode controlled pulse-width modulated dc–dc converters without slope compensation
      Harmonic mitigator based on 12-pulse ac–dc converter for switched mode power supply
      Buck/half-bridge input-series two-stage converter
      Voltage and current unbalance compensation using a static var compensator
      Inductor winding loss owing to skin and proximity effects including harmonics in non-isolated pulse-width modulated dc–dc converters operating in continuous conduction mode
      Silicon-on-insulator-based high-voltage, high-temperature integrated circuit gate driver for silicon carbide-based power field effect transistors

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