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IET Power Electronics

Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2010

Volume 3, Issue 5

September 2010

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    • Automatic gating control of lowest voltage switching for boundary mode buck converters
      Constant switching frequency band controller for dynamic voltage restorer
      Exponentially convergent estimator to improve performance of voltage source converters
      Mitigation of high du/dt-originated motor overvoltages in multilevel inverter drives
      Predictive current control of grid-connected voltage source converters during network unbalance
      Modular multilevel inverter: pulse width modulation and capacitor balancing technique
      Input ripple analysis of five-phase pulse width modulated inverters
      Bi-directional power electronic transformer with maximum power-point tracking capability for induction heating applications
      Zero-voltage switching phase shift full-bridge step-up converter with integrated magnetic structure
      Harmonic winding loss in buck DC–DC converter for discontinuous conduction mode
      Objective optimisation for multilevel neutral-point-clamped converters with zero-sequence signal control
      Soft switching active-clamped dual-series resonant converter
      New high-frequency linked half-bridge soft-switching PWM DC–DC converter with input DC rail side active edge resonant snubbers
      Controller design for a power factor correction regulator R2P2
      Compensation of DC link voltage variation of a multilevel series-connected H-bridge inverter
      Winding losses caused by harmonics in high-frequency flyback transformers for pulse-width modulated dc–dc converters in discontinuous conduction mode
      Zero-voltage switching bi-directional power electronic transformer

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