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IET Power Electronics

Volume 3, Issue 3, May 2010

Volume 3, Issue 3

May 2010

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    • Single-stage high power factor half-bridge resonant technique for linear ultrasonic motor driving circuit
      Control strategy and space vector modulation for three-leg four-wire voltage source inverters under unbalanced load conditions
      Reduction of voltage harmonics using optimisation-based combined approach
      Three-level zero-voltage switching pulse-width modulation DC–DC boost converter with active clamping
      Improved 48-pulse static synchronous compensator for high-voltage applications
      Step-up DC–DC converter by coupled inductor and voltage-lift technique
      Calculations of capacitive couplings in induction generators to analyse shaft voltage
      Multi-pulse train control technique for buck converter in discontinuous conduction mode
      Full-order averaging modelling of zero-voltage-switching phase-shift bidirectional DC–DC converters
      Power quality improvement in load commutated inverter-fed synchronous motor drives
      Analysis and implementation of an active-clamping zero-voltage turn-on switching/zero-current turn-off switching converter
      Intermediate-scale instability in two-stage power-factor correction converters
      Controller area network fusing management system in a 14 V/42 V automotive electrical architecture
      Modified sinusoidal pulse-width modulation operation technique of an AC–AC single-phase converter to optimise the power factor

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