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IET Power Electronics

Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2010

Volume 3, Issue 2

March 2010

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    • Single-phase power factor controller topologies for permanent magnet brushless DC motor drives
      Single-phase two-stage boost rectifiers with sinusoidal input current
      Zero voltage switching double-ended converter
      Multi-output DC–DC converters based on diode-clamped converters configuration: topology and control strategy
      Common mode modelling and filter design for a three-phase buck-type pulse width modulated rectifier system
      Improved switching frequency variation control of hysteresis controlled voltage source inverter-fed IM drives using current error space vector
      Single-phase Z-source cycloconverter with safe-commutation strategy
      Medium-voltage pulse width modulated current source rectifiers using different semiconductors: loss and size comparison
      Analysis and implementation of an interleaved ZVS bi-flyback converter
      Switched-capacitor bi-directional converter performance comparison with and without quasi-resonant zero-current switching
      Intelligent diagnosis of open and short circuit faults in electric drive inverters for real-time applications
      Capacitor voltage balancing using redundant states of space vector modulation for five-level diode clamped inverters

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