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IET Power Electronics

Volume 13, Issue 9, 24 July 2020

Volume 13, Issue 9

24 July 2020

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    • Unbalance mitigation strategies in microgrids
      Review of very high frequency power converters and related technologies
    • Repeater coil-based wireless power transfer system powering multiple gate drivers of series-connected IGBTs
      Long-distance wireless power transfer system powering multiple loads with constant voltage outputs using S-SP compensation
      Comprehensive comparisons between frequency-domain analysis and time-domain analysis for LLC resonant converter
      Wide ZVS operation of a semi-dual-bridge resonant converter under variable-frequency phase-shift control
      Analysis and compensation of circulating currents errors in modular multilevel converters in low-frequency operation
      Negative-sequence voltage elimination for distributed generators in grid-feeding operation mode
      Cost-effective clamping capacitor boost converter with high voltage gain
      Bootstrap capacitorless DCM VOT buck converter with dead-time-based off-time calibration for magnetic resonance wireless power transfer
      Analysis, design, and implementation of an improved gate driver for high switching frequency EV application
      Switched-capacitor multilevel inverter with self-voltage-balancing for high-frequency power distribution system
      Analysis, design, and optimisation of an LCC/S compensated WPT system featured with wide operation range
      Offline method for experimental identification of load-dependent saturation of induction motor taking into account variation of inverse rotor time constant
      Analysis and design of a high voltage-gain quasi-Z-source DC–DC converter
      Design and analysis of three-level hybrid boost converter based on T-type inverter for solar photovoltaic system
      Implementation and analysis of ultracapacitor charger in hybrid energy-storage system for electric-vehicle applications
      A new signal injection-based method for estimation of position in interior permanent magnet synchronous motors
      Sensorless flux adaption DTFC of an IPMSM based on an active flux-based MTPA and an adaptive second-order sliding mode observer
      Direct torque controlled induction motor drive using modified five-level torque controller for reduction in torque ripple
      Synchronous reference frame single-phase phase-locked loop (PLL) algorithm based on half-cycle DFT
      Family of single-phase isolated high-frequency transformer integrated improved magnetically coupled Z-source ac–ac converters
      Analysis and compensation of the rotor position offset error and time delay in field-oriented-controlled PMSM drives

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