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Volume 13, Issue 8, 17 June 2020

Volume 13, Issue 8

17 June 2020

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    • Investigation of single-stage transformerless buck–boost microinverters
      Approach for classifying continuous control set-predictive controllers applied in AC motor drives
    • Charging/discharging system based on zeta/sepic converter and a sliding mode controller for dc bus voltage regulation
      Inrush current reduction technology of DAB converter for low-voltage battery systems and DC bus connections in DC microgrids
      Avoiding overvoltage problems in three-phase distributed-generation systems during unbalanced voltage sags
      DC-link capacitor voltage balance strategy of independent double three-phase common bus five-level NPC/H-bridge inverter based on finite control set
      Power sharing strategy for multi-source electrical auxiliary power unit with bi-directional interaction capability
      Dual range flyback topology for high efficiency at dual voltage mains
      Modelling and optimisation of a dual-control MHz-level CLLC converter with minimised power losses in battery charging applications
      State-space modelling of LLC resonant half-bridge DC–DC converter
      Bidirectional multi-port dc–dc converter with low voltage stress on switches and diodes
      Quadratic boost converter with low-output-voltage ripple
      Gain compensation approach for low-voltage ride-through and dynamic performance improvement of three-phase type-3 PLL
      Torque ripple suppression of brushless DC motor drives using an alternating two-phase and three-phase conduction mode
      Modulation strategy for improving the voltage gain of the dual-active-bridge converter
      Analysis and design of an asynchronous pulse-width modulation technique for switch mode power supply
      Optimal phase-shift control of three-level dual-active bridge DC–DC converter with minimum reflux power for wide voltage conversion ratio range application
      Chaos in the switched reluctance motor drive employing digital speed and current control
      Improvement of the power quality of single-phase grid-connected inverter by filter-based control scheme
      Switch count reduced structure for symmetric bi-directional multilevel inverter based on switch-diode-source cells

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