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Volume 13, Issue 7, 20 May 2020

Volume 13, Issue 7

20 May 2020

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    • Modelling and robust control of digitally controlled large-scale PV plants
      Power conversion interface with harmonic suppression for a DC grid and single-phase utility
      Improved super-twisting sliding mode control of a stand-alone DFIG-DC system with harmonic current suppression
      Family of modular, extendable and high gain dc–dc converter with switched inductor and switched capacitor cells
      Robust AD for LCL-type grid-connected inverter with capacitor current quasi-integral feedback
      High step-up non-isolated ZVS-ZCS dc–dc Cúk-based converter
      Isolated boost converter based high step-up topologies for PV microinverter applications
      Design of a gate driver for SiC MOSFET module for applications up to 1200 V
      Research on a new self-decoupled model of bipolar receiver in IPT
      Design and implementation of high efficient dual control modular resonant converter for DC microgrid
      Design of wireless power transfer system with input filter
      Droop-free hierarchical control strategy for inverter-based AC microgrids
      Analysis and design of L + LCL-filtered dual-frequency single-phase grid-connected inverter
      Novel space vector PWM technology with lower common-mode voltage for dual three-phase PMSM
      Design of coupled inductors using split winding scheme for bridgeless SEPIC
      Multilevel inverter with improved basic unit structure for symmetric and asymmetric source configuration
      Study and analysis of a DC–DC soft-switched buck converter
      Modulated predictive current control for a two-level grid-connected converter with over-modulation capability
    • Three-stage SiC-based bi-directional on-board battery charger with titanium level efficiency
      Dual asymmetrical dc voltage source based switched capacitor boost multilevel inverter topology

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