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Volume 13, Issue 4, 18 March 2020

Volume 13, Issue 4

18 March 2020

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    • Comparative analysis on selection and synthesis of multiple input converters: a review
    • Analysis and design of a multi-channel constant current LED driver based on DC current bus distributed power system structure
      Novel bandpass filter-based control strategy for control of a hydro-PV-BES supported isolated MG
      Performance improvement of direct torque controlled five-phase induction motor in context of common-mode voltage, torque ripple and demagnetisation under low speed region
      Energy management and control strategy for DC microgrid based on DMPPT technique
      Synchronous-frame decoupling current regulators for induction motor control in high-power drive systems: modelling and design
      Double-fed and double-switch active Z-source inverter with general variable high boost factor
      Reduced switching state multilevel improved power factor converter for level-3 electric vehicle applications
      Space vector modulation based switching schemes for high frequency link matrix rectifier in discontinuous conduction mode
      Exploitation of MOSFET-based AC switches in capacitive impedance matching networks in inductive wireless power transfer systems
      Generalised dq-dynamic phasor modelling of a STATCOM connected to a grid for stability analysis
      Coupled inductor-based DC–DC converter with high voltage conversion ratio and smooth input current
      Balancing control of neutral-point voltage for three-level T-type inverter based on hybrid variable virtual space vector
      Variable parameter and variable frequency-based IPT charging system with configurable charge current and charge voltage
      Improvised multi-objective model predictive control of matrix converter using fuzzy logic and space vectors for switching decisions
      Structure and modelling of four-layer screen-returned PCB Rogowski coil with very few turns for high-bandwidth SiC current measurement
      Switching frequency variation based on current ripple analysis of a 3-L PMSM drive system considering neutral point balance
      Sensorless DTSMC of a three-level VSI fed PMSM drive
      Analysis and implementation of a boost DC–DC converter with high voltage gain and continuous input current
      Dual-input and triple-output boost hybrid converter suitable for grid-connected renewable energy sources
      Single-phase integrated converter with universal battery charging capability for plug-in electric vehicles
      Analysis and design of single-stage, two-mode AC/DC converters for on-board battery charging applications
      New phasorial oriented single-PI loop control for industrial VSC-PFC rectifiers operating under unbalanced conditions
      Overlap-time compensation technique for current-source power inverter
      Proportional multi-resonant-based controller design method enhanced with a lead compensator for stand-alone mode three-level three-phase four-leg advanced T-NPC inverter system
      Analyses of the coupling model combining field and circuit equations based on solenoidal coils for wireless power transfer
      Dual input switched-capacitor-based single-phase hybrid boost multilevel inverter topology with reduced number of components
      Synchronous random switching frequency modulation technique based on the carrier phase shift to reduce the PWM noise

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