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Volume 13, Issue 19, 30 December 2020

Volume 13, Issue 19

30 December 2020

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    • Feedforward phase compensation method of LCL grid-connected inverter based on all-pass filter in weak grid
      Novel power flow analysis method based on impedance matching for UPQC with grid voltage fluctuations and unbalanced loads
      Cascaded full-bridge resonant inverter configuration for different material vessel induction cooking
      Single input, dual output high step-up/down DC–DC converter with ripple-free input current in the high current port and expandable number of output ports
      Design and parameter configuration of modular multilevel dynamic DC transformer for renewable energy sources
      Logic-based space-vector modulation for neutral-point-clamped multilevel inverter with DC-link voltage balancing capability
      Heterodyne multiplier-based inverter
      Scalable architecture of DC microgrid implemented with multi-input multi-output converter
      ANN design of multiple open-switch fault diagnosis for three-phase PWM converters
      Modified SPWM technique for improved harmonic performance of single PV array fed grid-tied five-level converter
      Direct synthesis and systematic design of a multi-objective controller for grid-connected inverters under weak grid conditions
      High step-up interleaved zero-voltage transition DC–DC converter with coupled inductors
      Input voltage controlled full-bridge series resonant converter for LED driver application
      Probabilistic evaluation of power converters as support in their design
      Integration of renewable energy sources with LCC HVDC system using a new circuit topology with DC fault ride-through capability
      New soft-switched high gain three-port DC–DC converter with coupled inductors
      Mitigation of CM conducted EMI in flyback converter using balancing capacitors
      Parametric transformer using PM-inductors with saturation-gap
      New Single-Switch quadratic boost DC/DC converter with Low voltage stress for renewable energy applications
      Enhancing the stability of active harmonic filter using artificial neural network-based current control scheme
      Backstepping control of flying capacitor multilevel inverter-based active power filter
      Modified deterministic Jaya (DM-Jaya)-based MPPT algorithm under partially shaded conditions for PV system
      Analysis of a DC–DC quadratic type step-down converter for wider low voltage conversion
      Incipient fault diagnosis method for DC–DC converters based on sensitive fault features
      Improved vector control strategy of linear induction motors for electromagnetic launch
      Small-signal-based study of a two stage AC/DC and DC/DC battery charger using battery one time constant model
      Data-enhanced machine recognition model of DC serial arc in electric vehicle power system
      Feedback–feedforward control technique with a comprehensive mathematical analysis for single-input dual-output three-level dc–dc converter

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