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IET Power Electronics

Volume 13, Issue 11, 19 August 2020

Volume 13, Issue 11

19 August 2020

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    • Stability problems of PV inverter in weak grid: a review
    • Partly isolated three-port DC–DC converter based on impedance network
      Novel voltage equalisation circuit of the lithium battery pack based on bidirectional flyback converter
      Modified split-source inverter with single-phase dual power decoupling
      Improved equivalent circuit model of MMC and influence analysis of simulation time step
      Three-phase quasi-Z source inverters with regulated multiple AC outputs for microgrid applications and three-phase residential load
      Improving the accuracy of permanent magnet rotor position estimation for stepper motors using magnetic induction and harmonic rejection
      Five-level one-capacitor boost multilevel inverter
      Secondary-side phase-shifted full-bridge converter with reset winding
      Control strategy for optimising the thrust of a high-speed six-phase linear induction motor
      Low-complexity inductance estimation for switched-mode power converters using peak-current mode control
      Power-current coordinated control without sequence extraction under unbalanced voltage conditions
      Harmonic and unbalanced voltage compensation with VOC-based three-phase four-leg inverters in islanded microgrids
      Exact feedback linearisation optimal control for single-inductor dual-output boost converter
      Novel non-isolated high step-up converter with fewer passive devices and low voltage stress of power switches
      Non-isolated LLC resonant converter with suppressed circulating current and automatic resonant frequency matching capability
      Effective combination of quadratic boost converter with voltage multiplier cell to increase voltage gain
      Sliding mode control with open-switch fault diagnosis and sensorless estimation based on PI observer for PMSM drive connected with an LC filter
      Modular solid-state pulse generator based on multi-turn LTD
      Improved SHM-PAM-based five-level CHB inverter to fulfil NRS 048-2:2003 grid code and to apply as shunt active power filter with tuned proportional-resonant controller for improving power quality
      Generalised analysis of the high-voltage-gain interleaved ZVS boost-flyback converter
      Non-linear bifurcation method to determine the boost converter switching frequency
      Novel high gain DC–DC converter based on coupled inductor and diode capacitor techniques with leakage inductance effects
      Fast System to measure the dynamic on-resistance of on-wafer 600 V normally off GaN HEMTs in hard-switching application conditions

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