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IET Power Electronics

Volume 12, Issue 8, 10 July 2019

Volume 12, Issue 8

10 July 2019

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    • Review of technologies for DC grids – power conversion, flow control and protection
    • Design and implementation of a SIMO DC–DC converter
      Single-switch, integrated DC–DC converter for high-voltage step-down applications
      New level doubling architecture of cascaded multilevel inverter
      Modelling and control design of reconfigurable wireless power transfer system for transmission efficiency maximisation and output voltage regulation
      Simplified model predictive control of a three-phase T-type NPC inverter
      Control features of a four channel resonant buck converter
      PBC for direct voltage regulation for the boost DC–DC converter
      Selective harmonics elimination using whale optimisation algorithm for a single-phase-modified source switched multilevel inverter
      Carrier-based PWM control strategy for three-level indirect matrix converter
      Hybrid generators-based AC microgrid performance assessment in island mode
      SiC trench MOSFET with heterojunction diode for low switching loss and high short-circuit capability
      Enhanced direct torque control and predictive torque control strategies of an open-End winding induction motor drive to eliminate common-mode voltage and weighting factors
      Model predictive control with improved discrete space vector modulation for three-level Vienna rectifier
      Novel active clamped Y-source network for improved voltage boosting
      Design of hybrid forward boost converter for renewable energy powered electric vehicle charging applications
      Three-phase buck–boost PFC rectifier with common-mode free output voltage and low semiconductor blocking voltage stress
      High-efficiency three-phase bidirectional dc–ac converter for energy storage systems
      General multi-mode control method for optimising the efficiency of full bridge converter based on prominent control modes and transition points calculation
      CCM and DCM analysis of ASC-qZSIs
      Isolated bidirectional DC-to-three-phase AC converter for integration of renewable energy sources to electric grid
      Bidirectional DC–DC converter with high gain based on impedance source
      Self-powered wireless sensor network using event-triggered energy harvesters for monitoring and identifying intrusion activities
      Hybrid single and double-voltage vector-based model predictive common-mode voltage reduction method for 2-level voltage source inverters
      Active disturbance rejection control of DC–DC boost converter: a review with modifications for improved performance
      Design and analysis of an omnidirectional and positioning tolerant AUV charging platform
      High-voltage gain SEPIC-based DC–DC converter without coupled inductor for PV systems
      Hybrid PWM noise cancellation technique to reduce switching losses for two-segment three-phase motor
      Carrier-based PWM modulation strategy for dual-output two-stage matrix converter
      Analysis and experimental verification of a single-switch high-voltage gain ZCS DC–DC converter

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