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IET Power Electronics

Volume 12, Issue 5, 01 May 2019

Volume 12, Issue 5

01 May 2019

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    • Survey on topologies based on the three-state and multi-state switching cells
    • Sensorless current model control for permanent magnet synchronous motor based on IPID with two-dimensional cloud model online optimisation
      Analysis, design, and performance evaluation of zero-voltage-ripple buck dc–dc converter
      IPT system for tail-free household appliances in the smart home system
      Single inductor dual buck-boost inverter based on half-cycle PWM scheme with active clamping devices
      Generalised current and voltage shaping method via modified dq transformation for the torque harmonics correction in PMSMs
      Modified model predictive torque control for a PMSM-drive with torque ripple minimisation
      Low-leakage current two-stage transformerless grid-connected converter for residential PV application
      New interleaved fully soft switched pulse width modulation boost converter with one auxiliary switch
      Lyapunov model predictive control to optimise computational burden, reference tracking and THD of three-phase four-leg inverter
      Modelling parallel SiC MOSFETs: thermal self-stabilisation vs. switching imbalances
      Reduced device count version of single-stage switched-capacitor module for cascaded multilevel inverters
      High step-up DC–DC converter with three-winding-coupled-inductor and output capacitor in series for clean energy
      Effects on oscillation mechanism and design of grid-voltage feedforward in grid-tied converter under weak grid
      Simple digital algorithm for improved performance in a boost PFC converter operating in CCM
      New dual H-bridge converter for continuous space vector modulation
      Enhancing the stability of AHF
      Single-phase universal active power filter based on ac–dc–ac converter with eight controlled switches
      Clamping diodes failure identification based on the discrete wavelet decomposition of the magnetic near-field
      Mixed model-based and signal-based approach for open-switches fault diagnostic in sensorless speed vector controlled induction motor drive using sliding mode observer
      Modulation and control method for double-switch buck–boost converter
      Modified dual buck–boost AC/DC converter with self-balanced DC output voltages
      Simple time-domain analysis of a multilevel DC–DC flying capacitor converter average aperiodic natural balancing dynamics
      Hybrid multi-DC–AC MG based on multilevel interlinking converter
      Common grounded wide voltage-gain range DC–DC converter for fuel cell vehicles
      Two new transformerless high step-down DC–DC converters
      Integrated dead-time compensation and elimination approach for model predictive power control with fixed switching frequency
      Bidirectional active charge equaliser for series-connected cells
      A topology of DC electric springs for DC household applications
      Implementation of a soft switching converter with series DC–DC circuits and single transformer
      Influence of inter-turn short-circuit fault on the loss of high speed permanent magnet generator with Gramme ring windings
      Embedded dual switched-capacitor based continuous input current switched-inverter for renewable energy application
      Ripple base signal flow graph modelling of DC–DC switching converters
      ZVS/ZCS Vienna rectifier topology for high power applications
      Performance analysis of multiple input converter for standalone photovoltaic system

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