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IET Power Electronics

Volume 12, Issue 4, 10 April 2019

Volume 12, Issue 4

10 April 2019

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    • High step-up single-phase-switchedZ-source inverter: steady-state analysis and cost evaluation
      Model-based strategy for open-circuit faults diagnosis in n-level CHB multilevel converters
      Enhanced rotor field-oriented control of multiphase induction machines based on symmetrical components theory
      Analysis and mitigation of conducted EMI in current mode controlled DC–DC converters
      Adapted near-state PWM for dual two-level inverters in order to reduce common-mode voltage and switching losses
      Sliding mode observer for sensorless control of surface permanent magnet synchronous motor equipped with LC filter
      Experimental evaluation of dynamic performance of three-phase AC–DC PWM rectifier with PD-type-2 fuzzy neural network controller
      Improved hybrid algorithms-based MPPT algorithm for PV system operating under severe weather conditions
      Algorithm-based direct power control of active front-end rectifiers
      Extended quasi-Y-source inverter with suppressed inrush and leakage effects
      Step-wise design procedure for a single-phase multilevel inverter topology for different voltage level generation
      Design, modelling, and implementation of a modified double-switch flyback-forward converter for low power applications
      High-voltage pulse generator based on sequentially charged MMC-SMs operating in a voltage-boost mode
      Reliability and energy sharing analysis of a fault-tolerant multilevel inverter topology
      Single-switch multi-output converters as second stage of LED driver
      Battery-integrated multi-input step-up converter for sustainable hybrid energy supply
      High step-up active Z-source dc/dc converters; analyses and control method
      Stator current harmonic elimination control for the high-power synchronous motors with online implementation
      Open-circuit fault diagnosis for a fault-tolerant three-level neutral-point-clamped STATCOM
      Modular control with carrier auto-interleaving and capacitor-voltage balancing for MMCs
      Control of a STATCOM-assisted self-excited induction generator-based WECS feeding non-linear three-phase and single-phase loads
      Centralised model-predictive decoupled active–reactive power control for three-level neutral point clamped photovoltaic inverter with preference selective index-based objective prioritisation
      Iterative learning based model identification and state of charge estimation of lithium-ion battery
      Non-isolated high-voltage gain dual-input DC/DC converter with a ZVT auxiliary circuit
      Modularised non-isolated two-switch equaliser using full-wave voltage multiplier for series-connected battery/super-capacitor
      Dc-link current computational methods for three-phase inverter with low-order harmonic output current
      Digital hybrid current mode control for DC–DC converters
      Double-step model predictive direct power control with delay compensation for three-level converter
      Frequency-domain modelling and stability analysis of a DFIG-based wind energy conversion system under non-compensated AC grids: impedance modelling effects and consequences on stability
      FCS-MPC for a single-phase two-stage grid-connected PV inverter
      Detection and identification of multiple IGBT open-circuit faults in PWM inverters for AC machine drives
      Two methods for controlling three-time fundamental frequency neutral-point voltage oscillation in a hybrid VIENNA rectifier
      Minimising peak current in boundary conduction mode for the four-switch buck–boost DC/DC converter with soft switching
      GA–PSO approach for optimising space-vector PWM control sequence

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