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Volume 12, Issue 12, 16 October 2019

Volume 12, Issue 12

16 October 2019

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    • Survey on magnetic resonant coupling wireless power transfer technology for electric vehicle charging
      Review of model predictive control strategies for matrix converters
    • EMI mitigation in switching power converters combining closed-loop gate drive and chaotic frequency modulation technique
      Effect of different pulse-width modulation control methods on the behaviour of the series modified switched boost inverter
      Thyristor-based modular multilevel converter-HVDC systems with current interruption capability
      Design and implementation of an optimal switching controller for uninterruptible power supply inverters using adaptive dynamic programming
      Experimental evaluation of predictive voltage control for a four-leg two-stage matrix converter
      Battery model based on cubic over-potential differential equation
      Coupled-inductor-based high step-up DC–DC converter
      Comprehensive sharing control strategy for input-series output-parallel connected modular DC–DC converters
      Effective low-cost solution using cascaded connection of two modified notch filters to mitigate the second and third harmonic currents in single-phase dual-stage half-bridge microinverter
      Feedforward control method for single-phase inverters with non-linear load
      Common mode voltage suppression in three-phase voltage source inverters with dynamic load
      Control strategy of wind energy conversion system based on H-MMC under asymmetrical grid faults
      Seamless mode transfer control for master–slave microgrid
      Quadratic-boost-double-flyback converter
      Modified virtual inertia control method of VSG strategy with improved transient response and power-supporting capability
      Modified MMC and its capacitor voltage ripple suppression method employed in medium-voltage wind generator system
      Reduction of high-frequency injection losses, acoustic noise and total harmonic distortion in IPMSM sensorless drives
      Control strategy of PV-fed, grid-interfaced, seven-level T-type MLI for distributed power generation
      Self-regulated DC-link control of synchronous reluctance motor-driven solar water pumping system
      Comparison of high-order and second-order sliding mode observer based estimators for speed sensorless control of rotor-tied DFIG systems
      Improvement of power utilisation capability for a three-phase seven-level CHB inverter using an improved selective harmonic elimination–PWM scheme by sharing a desired proportion of power among the H-bridge cells
      Fault diagnosis in grid-connected PV NPC inverters by a model-based and data processing combined approach
      Railway traction DC–DC converter: Comparison of Si, SiC-hybrid, and full SiC versions with 1700 V power modules
      Equivalent input disturbance observer-based ripple-free deadbeat control for voltage regulation of a DC–DC buck converter
      Quasi-discrete modelling of PMSM phase currents in drives with low switching-to-fundamental frequency ratio
      Improved-efficiency quasi-two-stage current-source-mode SIMO LED driver
      Integrated design method for LCL-type filter and current controller to improve inverter adaptability to grid impedance
      Modified step-down series-capacitor buck converter with insertion of a Valley-Fill structure

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