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IET Power Electronics

Volume 12, Issue 11, 18 September 2019

Volume 12, Issue 11

18 September 2019

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    • Voltage-extrapolative charge balance controller with charge compensation for flyback converter operating in DCM
      Design and development of single phase AC–DC discontinuous conduction mode modified bridgeless positive output Luo converter for power quality improvement
      Impact of interface traps/defects and self-heating on the degradation of performance of a 4H-SiC VDMOSFET
      New tri-switching state non-isolated high gain DC–DC boost converter for microgrid application
      Improved capacitor voltage balancing control for multimode operation of modular multilevel converter with integrated battery energy storage system
      PLL with frequency and initial-phase-angle detectors: performance analysis and speed/robustness trade-off improvement
      Inductive decoupling-based multi-channel LED driver without electrolytic capacitors
      Simple soft-switched phase-shifted FB converter for reduced voltage stress and negligible duty cycle loss
      Switch fault diagnosis for boost DC–DC converters in photovoltaic MPPT systems by using high-gain observers
      Elimination of current oscillation in isolated three-port power converters using active damping method
      Modified H-bridge inverter based fault-tolerant multilevel topology for open-end winding induction motor drive
      Adaptive loss and capacitance-reduction control strategy based on second-harmonic circulating current injection for MMC
      Single-phase hybrid discontinuous conduction mode SEPIC rectifiers integrated with ladder-type switched-capacitor cells
      Offline method for determination of non-linear dependence of machine magnetising inductance utilising parallel operation of current and voltage model
      Dual-mode control of multi-functional converter in solar PV system for small off-grid applications
      Open-loop transfer functions of buck–boost converter by circuit-averaging technique
      Pulse width modulation technique with harmonic injection in the modulating wave and discontinuous frequency modulation for the carrier wave to reduce vibrations in asynchronous machines
      Excitation procedure for brushless wound-rotor synchronous starter generator with seamless transitions
      High step-up DC–DC converter with reduced voltage and current stress of elements
      Robust three-vector-based low-complexity model predictive current control with supertwisting-algorithm-based second-order sliding-mode observer for permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Performance analysis of a solar-powered water pumping using improved SIDO buck–boost converter
      Design optimisation of an inductor-integrated MF transformer for a high-power isolated dual-active-bridge DC–DC converter
      Reduced number of auxiliary H-bridge power cells for post-fault operation of three phase cascaded H-bridge inverter
      Accurate frequency-domain analysis and hybrid control method for isolated dual active bridge series resonant DC/DC converters
      High step-up isolated dc–dc converter with single input and double output and soft-switching performance for renewable energy applications
      Interaction and coordination between reactive compensation and harmonic suppression for three-phase buck-type D-CAP
      Analysis of virtual synchronous generator control and its response based on transfer functions
      Online estimation scheme of output capacitor's ESR and tanδ for Buck converter
      Three-level dual-buck voltage balancer with active output voltages balancing
    • Distributed power flow control using cascaded multilevel isolated bidirectional DC–DC converter with multi-phase shift modulation

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