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IET Power Electronics

Volume 12, Issue 1, 12 January 2019

Volume 12, Issue 1

12 January 2019

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    • Transformer-based multilevel inverters: analysis, design and implementation
      CRC and NHPWM method for test bench based on cascaded converter
      Comparative performance evaluation of full-bridge, H5, and H6 topologies for transformer-less solar converters
      Multi-functional distributed generation control scheme for improving the grid power quality
      Research on transformerless dual-buck full-bridge grid-connected inverter with H5-type for PV systems
      Unified discrete-map modelling and dynamical behaviour analysis of current mode controlled tri-state dc–dc converters
      Novel three-level T-type isolated bidirectional DC–DC converter
      Efficient deactivation of unused LCC inverter for multiple transmitter wireless power transfer
      PI-based controller for low-power distributed inverters to maximise reactive current injection while avoiding over voltage during voltage sags
      High step-up DC–DC converter with coupled inductor suitable for renewable applications
      PV power conditioning system using a three-phase multilevel pulse width modulation inverter employing cascaded Scott transformers
      Binary classification model based on machine learning algorithm for the DC serial arc detection in electric vehicle battery system
      Three-phase ripple free DCM boost converter with low THD
      Collaborative unbalance compensation method for high-speed railway traction power supply system considering energy feedback
      Partial discharge measurement and analysis in PPIs

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