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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 8, 10 July 2018

Volume 11, Issue 8

10 July 2018

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    • Eliminating cross interference between multiple receivers to achieve targeted power distribution for a multi-frequency multi-load MCR WPT system
      Load emulation technique for variable power factor and harmonic loads with energy recycling
      Multi-object control of an isolated DC–DC modular multilevel converter
      Zero-sequence voltage injected fault tolerant scheme for multiple open circuit faults in reduced switch count-based MLDCL inverter
      Study on high robustness and fast dynamic response synchronous rectifier buck converter
      Quadratic boost converter based on stackable switching stages
      Double-boost switched-resonator converter
      Current sensorless sliding mode control for direct current–alternating current inverter with load variations via a USDO approach
      Adaptive DC voltage component modulation of sub-modules in modular multilevel converters for efficiency optimisation during wide AC voltage range
      Multi-level inverter with combined T-type and cross-connected modules
      Development of fault-tolerant MLI topology
      Modified modulation scheme for three-level diode-clamped matrix converter under unbalanced input conditions
      Phase-reshaping strategy for enhancing grid-connected inverter robustness to grid impedance
      Mitigation of the low-frequency neutral-point current for three-level T-type inverters in three-phase four-wire systems
      Hybrid control scheme for mitigating the inherent DC-current in the transformer in buck-boost full-bridge converter for an all-electric motor drive system
      Boost–flyback converter with interleaved input current and output voltage series connection
      Application of swarm optimisation-based modified algorithm for selective harmonic elimination in reduced switch count multilevel inverter
      Modified parameter tuning method for LCL/P compensation topology featured with load-independent and LCT-unconstrained output current
      Model predictive control methods of leakage current elimination for a three-level T-type transformerless PV inverter
      Efficiency optimisation of ZVS isolated bidirectional DAB converters

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